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TAJ’s advisory services are targeted to public and private organizations that do not have in-house expertise in real estate, community development, and raising capital.  Our advisory team’s goal is to help our clients grow, by increasing their capacity in the areas of operations management, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Advisory Services: Service


Discussing the Numbers

Areas of Expertise

  • Community Development Strategies

  • Asset Management

  • Targeted Marketing Outreach

  • Grant and Funding Proposal Development

Glass Ceiling

Professional Guidance

  • Improve upon what our clients have already established.  As an adviser, we offer specialized assistance to optimize your organization.

  • Enjoy help from a specialist.  Our clients have an advantage when working our advisory team, because they are guided by professionals who have experience with projects similar to theirs.

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Grow Your Business

  • Sound solutions and strategies to surpass the organizations limitations and achieve its goals.

  • Valuable perspective from a cross-section of industries to complement your organization's strategic planning and goal setting process.

Advisory Services: Service
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