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TAJ Realty's approach to property management is to apply the same level of skill, care and diligence to our managed properties that we would to our own personal assets.

The objective of our management services is to maintain a consistent and profitable relationship with our tenants, and transparent communication with each of our property owners.  Our goal is to minimize disruption in income and reduce expenses, without compromising customer service, or the integrity of our company's services.  

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  • Attorney prepared leases.

  • Property maintenance and repair.

  • Tenant background screening.

  • Eviction services.


  • Professional advice when tenant issues arise.

  • Budgeting made simple with our flat-rate monthly fee.

  • Access to our in-house real estate services department.


  • Our services SAVES YOU TIME!

  • Getting started is as EASY as 1,2,3.

  • Avoid tenant questions and unexpected repair calls.

  • Reliable tradesmen for maintenance and repairs.

Property Management: Service
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